The CREATIVE Behind the Brand

Gardé Del Avante (pronounced guard-deh-del-avant, the name is related to the French phrase "avant-garde") is exceeding the standard of high-end handcrafted costume jewelry & accessories. Based in Toronto, self-taught designer Naanafya’s unapologetic take on handcrafted jewelry design and accessories are considered thought-provoking. The signature style and hallmark of Gardé Del Avante is bold, trendsetting and exclusive, as the craftsmanship in Naanafya’s pieces continues to inspire and innovate by reaching outside of "the box”, by exploring creative ways of blending traditional and non-traditional elements in jewelry making - particularly her innovative approach on body harnesses (body décor), which have become the centrepiece and staple of Naanafya’s signature style. This approach has become the cornerstone of Gardé Del Avante’s aesthetic design and company commitment - to compliment all those who pride themselves on their individuality and self-expression.

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